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Our Corporate Philosophy

We set the following as our corporate philosophy in order to contribute to society and continue to grow.

1. Our consciousness
Each employee expresses a passionate sense of values.
2. Customer trust
We will continue to be proud of our business activities through a customer-oriented approach.
3. Creating products that exceed customer expectations
Our products create products that are ahead of the times with years of experience, knowledge, passion and ingenuity.

4. Utilization of vibrant technology
Our technical capabilities create performance and functions to meet the requirements of society and customers.
5. Contribution to lifestyle
We create a rich lifestyle through smooth communication.

Code of Conduct

We adhere to the following conduct guidelines in order to remain a company that is trusted and respected by society.

1. Respecting basic human rights
We respect basic human rights in order to maximize the individuality and ability of each employee.
2. Having high ethical standards and acting as a responsible member of society
We always act with high ethical standards to be trusted and respected by society.
3. Complying with laws and company rules
We will comply with the international and national laws applicable to our business activities and related internal regulations.

4. Avoiding all links with antisocial groups
We have no relationship with anti-social forces in all aspects of our business activities.
5. Striving to improve quality and providing creations that contribute to customer satisfaction
We will work to ensure safety and improve quality based on the concept of comprehensive quality assurance for all employees.

6. Recognizing the importance of information related to business and managing it appropriately
We recognize the importance of customer information and personal information, and manage them appropriately in accordance with internal rules.

7. Proactively undertaking conservation of the global environment
We will work to maintain and improve the global environment through environmentally friendly business activities.
8. Embracing change and taking on new challenges
We will accurately grasp changes in the business environment and markets and work on the pursuit of planning and development that is ahead of the times.

9. Building trust from society through social contribution activities
We will strive to contribute to local communities with the aim of creating a better society.
10. Strength of group comprehensive strength
We will exert our collective strength by strengthening cooperation between group companies.

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